Manna Indonesia, were established in 2015 , focusing on trading, distribution, sales and marketing activities for Indonesian local & imported product.

Manna Trading
Certified Organic Products

Provides local, natural, high quality Indonesian products & premium imported products. Manna Indonesia focuses in trading Premium & Fine Quality Products from local Indonesian producers and our foreign partners.

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Manna Travel
Premium travel events.

Offering participants from all walks of life a truly unique and life-changing way to travel. From tailored business/networking trips for corporations, to luxurious holidays for tourists, to public sign-up travel events, there is an adventure waiting for everyone.

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Manna Beauty
Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.

With innovative beauty products born daily, it is no surprise that humans are more conscious about their self-image and looking the best version of ourselves. We aim to remain at the forefront of these industries by providing trendy beauty accessories.

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Manna SME’s Business
Platform for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to develop.

99% of businesses in Indonesia are micro, small or medium enterprises. Through training, mentoring and consulting, Manna creates a platform for Indonesian SME’s to develop business opportunities.

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Manna CSR
Corporation Social Responsibility.

Aware of the impact that Manna can have on all aspects of society, we are actively involved in working with the local people as part of our Manna Indonesia division. Furthermore, we have undertaken a long-term initiative, collaborating with other organizations and local governments in providing sustainable resources, such as clean water, electricity and housing in deprived areas of Indonesia.

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Manna Water
Save Water, Drink Air.

Our newest initiative to provide clean water to the nation in a sustainable manner. As part of our Green Campaign, our vision is to reduce the use of plastic nationwide. 100% plastic free, this project uses glass bottles and biodegradable projects to package the water created from air.

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