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  • “Manna Trip” is a premium travel series events which offers participants from various walk of lives (media personalities, influential travel/food bloggers, entrepreneurs, and local government officials) a life-changing and unique travelling and networking experience beyond the bland and general travel package offered by conventional travel agency.
  • Our wide and deep network in television, print, and digital media business, as well as with local government officials provides distinctive business networking and marketing opportunity for prominent people in media, business, and local government community who participate in our “Manna Trip” event to highlight their products, as well as the tourism and investment industry opportunities of a certain premium travel destination.
  • Plenty of fun and memorable networking activities are packaged inside the itinerary of the premium travel package in order to highlight your products’ media exposure while boosting the local tourism industry as well as to open doors to wider business investment opportunities. The local government can benefit from the media exposure of the TV, print, digital, as well as influential bloggers we bring along in the premium trip package. Our networking gala dinner is also usually attended by local Regent (Bupati) and local officials who will make informal presentation on the business and tourism investment opportunities in their area. As for entrepreneurs and media personalities participants, the journey also provides them with an eye-opening, fun, and memorable experience they will bring home and spread around to their influential friends and colleagues back home.


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Travel & Business Networking Fun Activities – Activities Highlights

Business Networking Dinner With Local Government Officials (Raja Ampat)

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