Manna birds’nest is some of the finest quality birds nest in the world, sustainably harvested from our own farm in the tropics of Indonesia, Manna Birds’nest is preservative &  chemical free natural birds’nest. Carefully hand selected from our breeding houses, hand cleaned without chemicals to ensure our customers ultimate peace of mind simply the way nature intended.

Edible birds’nest has been a part of Chinese culture & tradition for hundred of years, high levels calcium, iron, potassium & collagen is found in natural birds nest can help strengthen the body & Immune system. It is considered to have a special influence on the skin, lungs & kidneys. It help moisturize and promote healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin. birds’nest include in one of the most expensive animal products consumed by human, it is often referred as “caviar of the east” due to its high price & status.

Edible birds’nest are produced by a species of swallow native in South East Asia. The Male Bird makes its nest by regurgitating long strands of sticky saliva onto the wall of a cave or specially built house. These strands harden into a woven cup, weighing approximately five grams and hand from the wall providing a cradle for the young birds. Once abandoned the nests’ are collected and clean by hand and packaged for distribution.

Manna birds nest is Edible birds’ nest, has been a part of Chinese culture and tradition for hundreds of years, with a permit from Australian Quarantine inspection service to import 100% natural birds nest. This is the finest birds nest available in Australia sourced from the tropics of Indonesia (Palembang).

Manna Birds’ Product:

  1. Manna Dry Birds’ Nest
  2. Manna Birds’s Nest Drink

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Manna Bird’s Nest Dry Product